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  • Hi there, I registered for the site about a month ago, and really enjoy reading the posts on the forums. However, I seem to have an issue with accessing them. I have to log-in once to the main SVS site using the password I set up in order to view the posts on the forums. In order to post something myself, I have to log-in a second time and it seems my only option is using my Facebook log-in. I am I the only one? Is there a way around this? I'd prefer not having to log in twice, and would rather not log in using Facebook. Thanks!

  • I'm kind of new, too, and ran into the same problem. Apparently you do have to create a separate username and password to get access to the Forum (not the same as logging into SVS). I think the Forum is powered by an outside source, not SVS, which is why you have to have a different login. SVS just hosts it on their site. Hope this helps...

  • SVS Team

    Sorry for the late reply. We use a different service for our forums so you will need two different accounts.

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