Class on self publishing?

  • Just wondering if there might ever be a class on self publishing. Is anyone else interested in this? I have been reading some scbwi conference notes on it. Since I self-published my little book last year, I realize it is a pretty complicated process and can be overwhelming. Writer, illustrator, editor, designer, computer digital imaging knowledge-how to prepare files for printing, cost, etc., marketing.......I bought 10 isbn numbers so I have to publish 10 books! Ha! What was I thinking? I will do it though and hopefully in the process I will become an expert and my art and writing skills will improve too! 9 more to go. I am getting close to finishing my current pencil line dummy. I know it isn't perfect but it is better than it started and I need to finish it. It can be an emotional roller coaster of self doubt and determination at times but I like to finish my projects. I still have SO MUCH to learn about art and page lay out, etc. but I think learning to make books by making them is a pretty good teacher. Thanks for reading, if you've made ti this far 🙂

    I'd like it add that I have learned a lot from svs and am very thankful for this place of learning and the forums, even though I don't get on here much and it seems like I haven't made much progress sometimes, I look back and see improvement annd i know that a lot of it is because of this group and the classes that I can watch and review at any time. Thanks!!!!