Brave hearts!

  • After some SVS classes :)!
    any feed back will be appreciated 🙂
    0_1491881763215_GGG-Recovered 2.jpg

  • @Sami-K Haha cute animals! They look terrified. 🙂 I like the colors you have chosen, and the lighting.

    I do think there could be just a little more light on your characters though. I'm viewing this on a small tablet, and at this size the giraffe and elephant weren't immediately recognizable because their ears blended into the shadows and only their eyes and teeth popped out. So I'd maybe add some light to their ears so their shape is more readable.

  • Oh and I see this is your first post. Welcome to the forums! 😃

  • @K.-W. hey thank you so much i am gonna take your advice and add some light on the characters, they look a little bit more dark than i wanted to 🙂

  • wonderful work I love the expression on the horses face I do however agree you need a bit more light at the top I could not make out the elephants ears .Hope this helps I do really like it though!

  • @K.-W. I did some changes to the overall ambiance, getting rid of the greens, and adding some light to the characters!
    thank you guys.

  • @Sami-K Hey that looks great! I can make out the character's shapes now for, sure. 🙂

  • @K.-W. thank you so much:)

  • @Sami-K I love the idea of the peice. I do notice some issues with perspective. For example the fridge and the wash machines don't look right, so you may want to work on learning points of perspective. I believe there is an old class Jake Parker did on the subject. The wash machines don't get a variety in value, rather it looks like you drew the lines then colored the light from the window. i also can't really see an end to the room so adding a shadow behind the characters from the tv light will hopefully give depth and drama to the peice. Also nit picking but the shadow from the tv isn't right. If the shadow is due to the window then the shadow should be going towards the left rather then straight back. I assume you made that shadow because of the tv light and I don't think that would happen. I wish you luck

  • @Ben-Migliore thank you so much for your feed back i am gonna work on the points you mentioned and i surely show you the results, thank you 🙂

  • @DOTTYP thank you so much i made some changes to the pic 😃

  • THe new lighting looks wonderful I can really see what is happening, it is a really funny piece.

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