What are the best videos for beginners? (For a friend, I swear ;-)

  • I have recommended SVS to quite a few people, and one of them is my little brother who signed up awhile ago, as well as a couple others who I think felt they have to get good enough to even start learning (as strange as that might sound)

    I have been asked a few times on where to start, and thought it would be a good idea to ask you all what you feel are the videos you would suggest to start with. I also thought it might be a good little thing to add to the SVS site, or at least have catalogued here. I have never gone to college for art, so I do know if there is a legit order one should learn these things, but I thought I would give it a shot. Here were my suggestions, and feel free to add to this or take away. I am putting them in the order i would watch them:

    • How to Draw Everything
    • Creative Composition
    • Working with Color
    • Posing Characters
    • Visualizing Drawing in Perspective

    Any suggestions?

  • @Eric-Castleman Creative Composition really impacted my illustration so far possibly the most. I never did thumbnails before and for beginners I think that really lays a solid foundation and opens up so much.

  • @Tyson-Ranes totally agree. That class was incredibly useful for me.

  • SVS OG

    A agree that the creative composition class is phenomenal, but I think that it comes after gaining some basic drawing skills. I would say how to draw everything should definitely come first, as you have listed already of course. A few more courses in a similar vein (drawing fundamentals maybe) might be good before moving onto the composition class.

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