Photoshop Layer Trick in Therese Larson's Class

  • Hi everyone! In Therese Larson's Painting Fur and Hair class she used a trick that allowed her to use a layer to set a boundary for her brush strokes in all the layers above it. I believe those layers were also indented. I heard her mention something about the alt key, (which doesn't apply to me since I'm on a mac,) but I've been trying to figure out how it's done. Does anybody know? Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    @hidakat Hi there - those are called "clipping masks" and you create them by hovering your cursor on the line between two layers while holding down the ALT key on PC or the Option key on a MAC. You will see the icon of your cursor change and then you click down.

    The layer above will indent. And now anything you draw/paint on that layer will only appear within the areas of the layer below it. So that base layer become the shape of the clipping mask. You can add a whole bunch of layers above one layer and have them all use its clipping mask.

    Hope this helps!

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