Are live classes suited to traditional artists also?

  • Are the live classes too fast paced for a raditional artist to keep up with? I am considering, at some point, to possibly try one out so that I can be more inspired to get all the work done and actually finish some of the classes 🙂 I do benefit from the recorded classes and even if I don't do all of the assignments I am learning a lot from them...probably more than I realize. I've been watching the Writing a picture book one. Really great. I am starting to be involved with a writing critique group to go along with illustrating. I'm going to be busy!

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Hi Marsha - I am currently taking the illustration 1 class by Lee White and David Hohn live. We are just beginning week 3 of 9 and I can say that the first two weeks assignments we were encouraged to use several different kinds of mediums. Markers, pencils, watercolor pencil/brush and digital (if you have the tools). And folks have been doing the assignments in some or all of them. So I can say for certain that this course is definitely suited for everyone regardless of medium.

    I believe they are planning to offer it again at some point in the future - so might be one to put on your watch list to consider someday!

  • Oh, perfect. Thanks Rich!