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  • Hi Guys, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this style?

    I'm playing around with a different art style. I normally lean towards a style that's much more detail oriented. More shading, highlights and overall a lot more time needed to complete each piece.

    But I really want to focus on getting my book project DONE. I'm worried that if I each page takes TOO LONG, I'll simply be overwhelmed and never get the book done.

    In your opinion is this an appealing style for a picture book?

    Thanks so much for any feedback!

    0_1485189442701_File Jan 23-2.jpeg 0_1485189338299_File Jan 23.jpeg

  • I guess this should work. I love the father in the grey suit. He looks very convincing. The hands might need some work though. Also the hands of the boy. Are you planning without background as spot illustrations?

  • So I guess I will be the poison pill.

    This art style seems to me to be what people are referring to when they say "commercial" children's illustration. There really is no life here. Beyond that, the design (especially of the first one) is really flat.

    So that is my rather harsh critique of the art--I'm not trying to crush your dream, I'm trying to shake you a bit because you can do better.

    Here is the main point though:
    I feel like you are thinking about this wrong. Yes, it is great to have a completed book. It is not, however, great to have a completed book that you do not love and that you are not proud of.

    Think about the time it's going to take you to even do these images. Even if it's an hour or two a piece (which, to my mind, would be really fast), that's dozens of wasted hours on a book that is, at best, mediocre.

    Then, assuming that the book will not be free for you to make, you have the material cost. Will you be able to make it back through sales? Possibly. But it's hard enough selling "good" children's books at a price that makes sense. Your family and friends will probably buy it (some may assume you will be giving it to them for free)--will that be enough to recoup your losses?

    I'm not very familiar with your other work (if you have a website it be cool to check it out) but if that banner above your profile pic is yours then I'd say that style is 100% better.

    Regarding my children's book: Working a couple hours a week (some times I'd have really good weeks where I'd get a lot done, many times I wouldn't do anything) it took me about 1.5 years to do my book. Yes, keeping the motivation was hard. Like, forcing myself up at 5 am to paint for an hour or more because I knew I wouldn't have any other time hard. But it would have made no sense to rush a substandard product. On a couple of the images I wish I would have taken MORE time--but now it is too late.

  • Hi @Ed-O, I completely agree with @mattramsey. It does look very "commercial" to me, and from what I've seen of your other work, it's much nicer than these pieces.
    Out of curiosity, what do you consider to be "too long" to finish a piece? I don't think even the professionals who've been doing it for years are "fast". Keep in mind too that the more practiced you get, the more you'll naturally tend to speed up a bit too.

  • Thanks @Jana . Yes, the hands can use some work! My book will have a mix of single pages, spreads and spot illustrations, but I did these 2 as a test to see if the style would 'work' or not.

    @mattramsey thanks, so much for the honest feedback. I really appreciate your honesty and telling me the truth. I understand and agree with what you're saying. Your work is killer, so again, thanks for taking the time to let me know what you really think!

    I definitely know I'm capable of doing better work, but sometimes I think my mind gets caught up in trying to put myself on a publishing 'schedule' rather than just focusing on doing my very best work.

    But you're right - I do want too make a book with great art that I can be really proud of. And doing just that will take some serious time. But I think I'm OK with that. .

    Here's some a link to some pieces on my Facebook page from a few years ago. I used to sell prints for kids at comic conventions back in the days. Now I'd like to focus on writing, illustrating and publishing picture books.

    I'd like to know if you think that making books would be a good direction to head in. I still have a lot to learn and there's so many things I can be doing better. But I guess that's why I joined this group : )

    Thanks for the feedback @DanetteDraws . What would I consider to be too long? I would say a week or more. But if you saw the respond I gave to Matt I think I'm OK with it taking longer to create the best images I can for the book. Before I wanted to speed up the process and simplify the art a bit, but I don't think that'll work well with me or my style. I think I like doing all of the little details too much.

    I definitely have to learn to be more patient : )

  • @Ed-O said in Art Style Feedback:

    Here's some a link to some pieces on my Facebook page from a few years ago. I used to sell prints for kids at comic conventions back in the days. Now I'd like to focus on writing, illustrating and publishing picture books.

    Those look a lot better-- I really like the hippo one (and the Jurassic park one as well)

  • Thanks, @mattramsey . Here is the shaded version that I'm messing around with. I think this definitely looks better and is a lot more fun to do, too.
    0_1485441634915_Small Cover Spot.jpg

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