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  • Hello Storytellers!

    I really don't know what to do here. I work traditionally, but I don't know which of the two "styles" (I guess you'd say) I should focus on. I find it easiest to create works in pencil, and really enjoy it while my paintings are more vibrant, but not as enjoyable to create. the subject matter in the paintings are geared more towards children's books, while the pencil images are just things out of my head,.

    Mainly I want to know what medium is working best for my efforts? I'm asking all of you because I can't see it!
    I know of course that finding your true style can take years to actually find, but I want to move forward with one of these and start getting some work.

    Any comments, suggestions, or advice would be so great!


    Color Pencil


  • @Christina-Taylor-Brown I love your work! I am certainly not as advanced as you but I would tell you to go with the pencils if you enjoy it more because to me there is not that much difference and I like the texture the pencil is leaving with the paper showing through a bit. I feel like you should go with what makes your heart sing because then your work will be better! Just my opinion.

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Thank you so much for your reply! I hadn't thought of it that way before.

  • @Christina-Taylor-Brown I think that's what most important! You have to love what you are doing 😉

  • I'd agree with Christina, if you enjoy the pencils more use the pencils. But don't be afraid to keep on trying different things and experimenting. Maybe you can mix the two like paint using acrylics but adding details with pencil. Or just go with pencil! Just don't try and force it.

  • @Ben-J-Hutchison Yeah I'd like to try more with the pencils. Do you work traditionally or digital?

    Also, which of the color pencil drawings do you think is most successful?

  • Your style is very fun and I like your choice of color. I would go with whatever make your feel comfortable or you can try to play with mix mediums, you never know you would come up with something surprisingly out of the box.

  • You should do what you enjoy the most, your style will come naturally. I been told that painting is really drawing with out lines. You can simulate any medium digitally, have a little play You could try and mix both, so you can enjoy both processes.

  • I love the first one the best. Its fun and well rendered. I think thats the style that fits you very well. Working with pencil is also my favorite when working traditionally.

  • @Leontine-Gaasenbeek Thanks! I'm going to do my Third Thursday submission in pencil this time. I think y'all are all right. Working with what is most comfortable for me is where I get my best results.
    Thank you so much for all of your input! I really appreciate it!

  • @Christina-Taylor-Brown I agree with so many others. I prefer your pencil work. I think the fact that you love doing it really shines through.

    I especially like the first one (looks like it could be a New Yorker cover!) and the third. I really like your people 🙂

  • @Maile-McCarthy Thanks so much! I can't wait to show you guys what I've come up with as practice for pencil! So excited to have narrowed down my focus. Thanks again!

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