100 tree challenge inspired Earle landscape

  • Hi guys! Maybe some of you have seen my first steps of my 100 tree challenge. While I was working for the trees I felt I have to make a landscape soon. Because I am a huge fan of Eyvind Earle I tried to convert one of his Sleeping Beauty landscape into something slighty different. It is too close to Earles style to call it my style, cause I am still searching for my own path. 🙂
    Anyway, analyzing his way of stylizing things is really helpful. Here is the original and my version. As you see I tried some autumn colors.
    0_1484484611281_Sleeping Beauty Eyvind Earle Landscape SVS.png

  • @Jana That looks fantastic! I love the colors you chose.

  • Thanks a lot, @drawingmelee ! Actually, I will try some more adaptations soon, to test some other tree versions.

  • This looks great @Jana!

  • I tried to push this piece a bit further and implemented some of my trees from the 100-challenge to see how they work in a composition.
    I changed the reds in the corners because they draw the attention too much out of the image. I like the green in the corner much better. What do you think?
    Next I want to see if I can change the woods into a different style which fit better to the single trees.
    0_1484950309851_Sleeping Beauty Eyvind Earle Landscape 2 SVS.png

  • @Jana The second one does look better with the green trees in the corner.

    Can't wait to see more!

  • @drawingmelee
    Thanks a lot! I also think the greens make really a difference. I have to see now how I proceed with the woods in the larger distance down on the plains. I hope I can update this soon. 🙂

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