First Time Posting - Feedback / Critique on my Illustrations?

  • Hi everyone. I'm a junior in college who has learned so much Will, Lee, Jake, and Jaime on this site. I'll be putting together a portfolio this year and would benefit by any of your suggestions. I'd like to make my illustrations more dynamic and use more perspective. I've also been told to draw more kids, so I'll work on that too. Are there mistakes that you see of things that I do to improve these? Should I include these in my portfolio? Thanks, Krister.

    Here are 3 illustrations that were done with a mix of tradition (pencil / watercolor / gouache) + digital. All of these were done for school work. The first one was a scene from the Snow Queen when Gerda is surprised by the snow bees. The second is Horatio During the Crisis (Horatio Hornblower as a shrew), and the 3rd Lost City with an adventure loving rabbit.

    0_1477277066079_Krister-Eide-1.jpg 0_1477277525610_Krister-Eide-4.jpg

  • @krister Really nice work. I think that the girl on the top picture needs to be moved so that her hand isn't touching the edge of the paper. Other than this your work looks really nice.

  • @Lee-Holland Thanks, Lee. The first one I uploaded was cropped poorly. Here's what it really looks like (I reuploaded it).

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