Dream Catcher

  • Hey, I have been working on an idea I had when I was just about to fall asleep myself haha. And I had to draw it. I am getting close to my idea in my head but if you have any improvement ideas please feel free to share your gems of wisdom 🙂 0_1473778699334_dream catcher.jpg

  • Hi Jason, I think this is a very interesting idea and you have chosen a very tricky scene which is awesome. The main issue I have here is the focal point, my eyes keep going back and ford for both the dream catcher and the scared boy. I would explore a bit more on the composition and perspective. Maybe you can show us from the boy perspective and the monster lurking from the other side of the bed? I think making the dream catcher a floating or levitating monster would be another idea as it can fly through the window or door which I believe you can have more possibilities with composition etc, just a thought. Keep us posted, good luck.

  • Thanks interesting idea of having a floating monster I will have a play. I will post my progress here. thanks 🙂

  • I think I'm getting somewhere as I add details. Still along way to go though... 0_1473888750771_dream catcher2.jpg

  • I have finished this idea, it is about what I saw in my head so I am pretty happy with it. Going to concentrate on a produt idea now. 0_1474284198676_Dream Body Catcher.jpg