Thomas and his rocket...

  • So, here is my real version for this month. I am going to do the "Will Terry" method all the way through on this one. I want to see how my little piece will come out using this method. First, critiques please of form, shapes, content, etc
    Thomas had almost retrieved his little rocket when a couple of boys thought it would be funny to open the sluice gate...
    0_1473470410515_thomas had almost.jpg

  • SVS OG

    One thing I like to do is imagine scenes like this from different angles, like moving the camera around in the scene, and find what is the most dramatic or impactful. Here's a quick one I tried with this scene just to lend a new perspective.


  • I really like this perspective better! Nice job Natiwata. I tried to imagine different angles while still making ht story obvious, this is a great skill set you have.

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