getting used to sharing.

  • Hi all,I just wanted to share a page out of my sketch book....I love Joan Eardley's work...the way she painted the kids in Glasgow....simple shapes,choice of colour and use of pattern in her construction....trying to dev my own style...0_1472594879019_WP_20160830_001.jpg

  • Sorry its not the right way up...woops

  • As far as your own style goes, I have to say I am drawn to the way you've drawn the head at the lower right of the page (if it was facing the right way). It stands out from the others and looks like it's telling a story, by which I mean it has a story to tell. I also like the play between the orange and blue.

  • Thanks for having a look Rebecca and for your thoughts.I loved just sketching out with my new pencils...I didn't overthink or plan anything on this page,apart from thinking about Joan Eardley's work,its funny how these thumbnails took next to no time,and other sketches take ages,and annoying how I prefer these ones!!!

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