Is this idea too complicated?

  • Hi sketchers,

    I threw this concept together this evening for a competition where the theme word is "muse". This sketch is a quick treatment to test the concept before drawing it properly. I like to tell a story with my art but I fear this is a little complicated.

    How do you read this scene? I'm in half a mind to scrap it and do something more simple. It would be fun though.


  • SVS OG

    I think it's great! I think you need to make the holes look more like holes, i read them as rocks on the terrain at first. The bear's expression is right on hehe

  • Its funny, i like your sense of emotion.

  • Funny. It has a Breaking Bad feeling. I can see what's going on, but it's complicated when relating it to a muse. Maybe we could see why the bear is frustrated and wants to send the muse into space. Maybe the bear is a writer with books, pencils, and crumpled paper strewn around. The muse could be more muselike. Unless I'm totally misunderstanding.

  • Hi rowan, I think its real fun! Love the emotions! The idea That @Vicky Vicky gave you might be helpful?

  • Thanks guys, you've helped me decide to continue with it. When I looked up "muse" in the dictionary I went with this definition:

    "to gaze meditatively or wonderingly." I hope the judges are open to all interpretations of the word. My idea was that the bear was re-considering whether to light the wick.

    I think drawing the little dirt piles will be the most challenging part. I'll post another update soon.

  • Here's the final piece I'm going to submit. I don't have that 100% pleased feeling but duty calls elsewhere so I think it's time to move on.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to blend my love of crisp graphic line work with texture. I'm excited by texture but it's very new to me!


  • SVS OG

    I think it looks great! Good luck!

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