Please feedback! scbwi first look prompt for local illustrators day due August 15th!

  • SVS OG

    I would love some quick suggestions on the composition (if you can tell anything from my scribbles) before I start
    on the final drawings...thanks! Oh, and I guess I put them in backwards so if you could look from the bottom up...that would be best. Thanks again!!!

    0_1470367293625_ifihadaboat1.jpg 0_1470367315037_ifihadaboat2.jpg 0_1470367330561_ifihadapony3.jpg 0_1470367341663_ifihadapony4.jpg 0_1470367363507_ifihadapony5.jpg 0_1470367375767_ifihadapony6.jpg

  • Hi Marsha,

    This looks fun!

    Just watch out for areas where you are cutting the page in half where the image is taking up half the space and white or plain space the other half. In some spots your horizon line is straight through the middle of the page. Also, I know these are just rough thumbnails, but watch out for tangents and where your objects are all a similar size like in the image second from the top - the dolphin and boat are a similar size and on a similar plein, the same with the two mermaids on the left and then two dolphins on the right, it almost cuts the image straight down the middle from top to bottom and down the middle from left to right, so my eyes are jumping around. I really like how you're thinking about the text placement, big thumbs up for that.
    Looking forward to seeing your black and white sketches, good start!

  • The story is very nice and I really like the concept! Now go and make an awesome picture book! You can do it! For inspiration you can watch the children's book course wile drawing.

  • SVS OG

    @Takara-Beech Thanks! Great reminders! I appreciate it. I found out I only need the first three pages of the book as if it were the first, second and third pages so I just hope I can make it interesting enough. I'll probably do the whole thing anyway and just turn in the first three. Lots to do!

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen there's heaps of interesting ideas in your drawings, have fun, you've done a great job. Keep us updated x

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