Taking Will's advice seriously

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    Will said one way to improve your work is to study artists work you like. Not just to say you like it but to voice what it is you like and how you can improve to get closer to that level (I'm paraphrasing). SO I decided on Fridays I will take images of artist I like and not only study it but try to recreate it. After all isn't that the way artist in the past worked?

    So my first piece I did was to study this concept piece from Monsters Inc. by Dominique Louis. I chose this piece because of his use of color and texture. I like the way the image recedes to the back and the curves against straight even in creating buildings and background scenes. Looking at the image I think I did OK on the drawing part (I drew freehand after mapping out a 1" x 1" grid on both. My colors are a bit higher chroma. I challenged myself by eyeballing the color instead of picking with the eyedropper. The original (on the left) was done by Dominique in pastel (a favorite traditional media of mine). I also challanged myself to work in Photoshop since I am usually working on paper.

    Thanks Will for the advice! Would anyone like to comment on my progress in this piece?

  • Nicely done! I'm amazed that you didn't pick out the color since it looks so close. I've done similar copies, especially of environments which I'm not strong on, and it's helped tremendously!

    Great work, love to see more of your Friday copy days!

  • @bharris Thank you for your comments. I would like to see some of your studies as well. I was tempted to pick the color but I wanted to test my coloring skills.

  • @Chris-Perry I haven't done any in color, just sketching, nothing very good. A lot of it is just to get a feel for shapes and placement. 🙂 I'm not sure I'm ready to try to copy color yet!

  • What a great idea. I'm inspired to try myself when I get the chance.

  • SVS OG

    I think you did a great job! Especially the fact that you eyeballed it for the colors.

  • @bharris Whatever you are comfortable with. Color can be scary if you think about it too hard.

  • @Rebecca-Hirsch Glad I could inspire, WIll gave me the idea though.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you Marsha. I really appreciate this.

  • This looks really good!
    The one correction that stands out for me is the closest building's perspective which looks slightly off to the rest, and maybe adjusting a few of the darker darks, but I think you nailed the composition and almost all of the general lighting.

  • @Brad Thanks for the input Brad. It's great to have your input. Are you saying the left building or the right?

  • @Chris-Perry The one on the right 🙂