Would like input on this value study

  • 0_1468365600257_DUMMY Match Girl Values.jpg 0_1468365604042_4 5 gray scale.jpg .

    I did a dummy and am starting on two value studies. Can I get some input ? I drew traditionally and am shading in Photoshop. Do you think the values lead the eye to the girl properly? Does it read as a snowy scene. My challenges are typically getting values down so I am doing black and white studies before my color. I also have never painted a snowy scene so I am working out the bugs in Photoshop before I paint it traditionally.

    Also, do you think the exercise would be better if I shrink down the image and play with only 3 values to keep it simple?

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    As it stands I feel that the value range is spread all over the piece. With something like the first one I would start with an overall dark background, then use the gradient tool to define a general light source, then I fill in more clothes and skin values, then add dropshadows/light dark areas and rim lighting if applicable. Here's a quick process sketch I did as an example.

    Hope this helps!


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    My eyes were drawn to the girl very easily-naturally in both illustrations.

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    I mean in three and four.

  • Thank you Natiwata. I will download this and review. You are a true illustrator at heart drawing with words. I like your process. I had started and half way through I realized I needed an over all dark then I did a similar process from there. Definitely fumbled through my first try. This step by step approach sounds promising with your general to specific solution. Overall tone, light source on down to rim lighting. I am excited to try it.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you Marsha. Composition can be tricky and your comment is appreciated.