Hello from Africa + my "Before"

  • Hey guys!
    Before I say anything, let's start with the sketch (sinc that's what everyone looks at first hehe) it's my "before" 🙂
    Title: Summer Breeze.

    Summer Breeze-Karim.jpg

    I'm Karim from Algeria, excited to post here for the first time and interact with ya'll 🙂
    'Been years that I was thinking of delving into creating books for kids, and coloring books (did the coloring books, 6 published and a new one being designed) but I never started children's books, many reasons maybe, but never sure exactly why I didn't do comics either, since I used to be the guy who drew stuff in the classroom (mostly anime fan art, but never practiced enough for true illustration.) tried a local school in the end of the 90s, but failed miserably at getting along with the system - I wanted to learn to draw professionally, but I was forced to learn other stuff I had no interest in (painting... yeah I know, I sucked at it and disliked the experience, until i started ot play with a good quality watercolor, but even then I didn't practice it enough back then.) (Had a cool teacher for about 5 months, got some cool stuff from him, and that was great, but that was it 🙂 So I'd say I'm mostly self taught -was drawing way before I tried the art school - and in recent years I taught myself digital art, (vector art mostly), 2D animation, and very recently (last year) digital hand drawings with a tablet. But I need a LOT of practice (and learning)!

    Anyway, I just worked on my "before" today using some digital watercolor and pencils/pastels (Artrage,) and my small Wacom tablet (small Bamboo Pen) so that I could see clearer how I'd progress after (hopefully) a good practice in SVS. I'm open to opinions and ideas/feedback so please don't hesitate to tell me about anything that would float your mind 🙂
    I also want to thank @Will Terry and @Jake Parker for creating this amazing opportunity for everyone to learn and progress! And looking forward to meeting everyone here 🙂


  • Welcome to the community. Fist of all, I thought that was traditional media you used there, great work. I like your color choice and lines/stroke work. Yeah I had troubles staying with my art program as well, it did not work for me. I was fortunate enough to find SVS through Will's youtube channel. Have fun!

  • Welcome here, Karim! Your illustration looks great. Looking forward to see more from your gallery.

  • Welcome Karim, Like your style. and the angle you've chosen. What I would change is the eyes, give it some white and a a sparkle and maybe give her a smile? . That makes it more vivid. Keep up the good work!karimkopie.jpg

  • @Naroth-Cow Thank you for the welcome! 🙂 Yeah in my local art program I disliked the fact that we wasted time away from learning and practicing pure drawings and anatomy first, especially since I was told to learn it by myself, using some books etc, but good books were scarce, and when they weren't, they were extremely expensive, and I had no job :p (hard to find a job back then.) Now the other question is, why didn't I try to create a series of books and find a publisher? Well I'm still asking myself the same question hehehe, well not anymore, by joining SVS my intention is clear: developing my skills and becoming a good enough illustrator for kid's books 🙂

  • @Fabienne thank you for the welcome and appreciation, yeah hopefully I'll post more over time! :p

  • @Leontine-Gaasenbeek Hi there!
    I like the happy face you gave to her hehe, to me infact the two different expressions relate to two different states of mind, in my version "Angela"'s mind is away, she's thinking about something but we're not sure exactly what, but we know she loves summer so much and she probably just got to the beach at the moment of that photograph 🙂

    In your version, Angela was very probably thinking of something very clear, something like "Ghee, what prank am I going to do to Susan today? It's going to be fun hihihi." That's at least how I feel the two different expressions hehe, thanks for your input! :p

  • Oh btw, I just dug into my Facebook account photos and finally found what I actually wanted to post, a quick drawing I didn't find on my hard drive, she's "Paula" from a couple of months ago, color pencils and pastels - Artrage 🙂


  • Hihi, she looks very friendly. Is there any reason why you give your girls names? I want to know the backstory of Paula and Angela! 🙂

  • @Fabienne I think of my character names as "feelings." So I feel the names rather than deciding on it. Sometimes a name pops up without me even "asking" about it 🙂 There's one thing I'm sure of though: names that I feel have emotions from the past, that remain in memory.
    Regarding backstories, I don't write any (I wish I could, or should I stay I wish I truly decided to write lol,) but I prefer to feel the present moment as independent "fragments," just like when a photographer takes the photo of someone with a particular expression, even though you may not know the back story, you certainly feel something, and I think any drawings happens from a feeling, I bet it works like this for you too? 🙂

  • @Karim-Benyagoub Nice work, also the facebook version. I really like your strokes! maybe you can make a series of different expessions, with the same illustration? That can be so much fun!

  • @Karim-Benyagoub she's cutie!

  • @Karim-Benyagoub Thanks for sharing your insights! Hummm… I didn't thought about my personal procedure so far. Just like you said – it "pops" up and my hands do the rest. ^^ (Sorry, my english grammar is terrible)

  • @Leontine-Gaasenbeek Thanks, I may have fun at it during my practicing 🙂

  • @Fabienne yw, and your english is great so no worries :p