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    I've been looking at reviews on different software including rebelle and clip paint pro and many others. One group seemed to really like Art Rage. I go ta sample for my android-free. I actually haven't tried it yet but, does anyone have anything to tell me about Art Rage as the preferred softwr and why? Thanks!

  • I am Artrage now for a couple of years. It gives you that natural paint feeling and if you know some tricks your work can look natural. I started using it when I went over to digital work and it was easy not like Photosohp. I used to do Pen and watercolor wash and people asked me what materials I use cause it looks great. They were shocked when I told them it was done digitally. Artrage got some cool stencils and stickers I love and they also have paint symmetry which I use lot. There are all sorts of cool tools you can use. Then the app on the Ipad is pretty awesome cause it gives you the same experience. What I really like is that you can load your Artrage files over to the the Ipad. I like doing my work on the PC and then if I need to go somewhere to load it on the Ipad.Then when Im back in my studio I can work further on my file on the PC. The only bad thing is the app can only do a certain size which is quite small on the Ipad3, I dont know if you can do big files on the Ipad Pro.0_1460630997256_Screenshot 2016-04-14 12.48.jpg

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    I love your Mona Lisa 🙂 I just bought a wacom tablet that I had to return because I couldn't register it in the US. It would have come with Art Rage Lite but.....oh well. I'm going to look further. I've been playing with the android free art rage a little and it's pretty fun. Mostly oil painting though. I'll be new to digital too. It seems that Art Rage isn't as complicated.....we'll see what I do......anyway, thank you for your input!!!! It's very helpful.

  • I think its best to use Artrage if you are new to Digital painting. If you need any help just shout 😃

  • Oh thanks,the background is killing me lol.

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