• I never had a course like this so I'm actually wondering if you can help me around...
    It's going to be even better if the one who actually collaborate to make this site help me through...

    1. How old is this course suitable for because some course aren't meant for certain age right?
    2. What course should I take first? As I have said I have zero experiences and really need help
    3. What types of gadget should I prepare? I'm really lost as there are so many gadgets that can be found for drawings and illustrating and so on...
    4. How can I pay for the course? I'm really new here, no hate okay?
    5. Do I need to prepare a certain type of tools like certain paper or something? If yes, can you please tell me what it is?
    6. The live stream is only for 25 people right? So what if like others want to ask something in live or something? Are they going to be neglected? I need to know more about how the live tutoring works as it is really crucial for me.

    That's all for now, if you could only answer some... Could you please answer it on how you know, I really need help.. I'm really scared to start late.....

  • SVS OG

    First off, welcome, and take a deep breath 🙂 The courses are self paced, you can binge watch or watch 15 minutes at a time.

    1. As far as i know, no age limits on the courses. From the ones i have taken, they are good for all ages.
    2. There is a new Fundamentals course, and How to Draw Everything is good as well
    3. Start with what you are comfortable using! All you really need to start is something to draw on and with 🙂
    4. I believe there is a prompt to pay by credit card when you check out
    5. Nothing special is needed. I've used digital and traditional mediums for the classes 🙂
    6. The live course will be critiquing 25 illustrations, and will be open to watch to all. In the past the chat was open to all to ask questions, but the main focus will be on the artist that created the image.

    I'm not a collaborator, just been here a while hehe

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