Weekly Painting - Big 57

  • This illustration is just for my weekly paintings that I do to stay sharp and experiment with new things. This week I am hoping that the story is clear or at least evokes some feeling of a greater story. I am also experimenting with wild saturation contrasts to drive the viewer to the focal point. Is it sucessful? What could I do differently if I developed this past just a weekly painting?

  • SVS OG

    I really love the depth you achieved and i think the colors are great! Can't wait to see the next one!

  • I think you can play around with cropping it to different aspect ratios and see how that affects the image.
    How did the mech come to that position and how long has it been there? depending on how hard or soft the ground is, or how heavy the mech is, there might be some ground effect.
    Something that throws me off is seeing the landscape reflections on the mech but it appears the sun is setting on the opposite side. I personally like the idea of seeing the setting or rising sun as a reflection on the body.

  • @RChabot It's true... I totally lied about the horizon line as it appears that the sun is setting from all directions. Some times I totally cheat like that. Good observation.

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