Visual Storytelling Techniques Assignments

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    I was inspired to take this class after seeing Nanette's's my first image from doing assignment #2.

    This was: My Worst Fear: I ended up with HEIGHTS, BIRDS, and Plane. So this is suppose to be a bird on a plane who's afraid of flying. I've got a couple more from this assignment I'll post once I finish them up. Bird-on-plane-color.jpg Bird-on-a-plane.jpg

  • Great work! I love that the other two birds are really chilled with being on a plane!

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    Did a 2nd image showing him before he got on the plane. And I added the line work to the painted version of the first one. Bird-on-plane-2.jpg bird-plane-2-line.jpg Bird-on-plane-color-with-line.jpg

  • I love the colors and textures that you've used for these two pieces. It gives the piece life and allows you to focus well on the main character. I'd say that the first piece definitely looks better with the line art over it as it allows you to see the details, especially of yellow bird's feet, a lot better and makes the image clearer faster. Great job. 😃

  • much more dramatic! Nicely finished...

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    And this is the last image in the series of three I wanted to do. This is him freaking out about what might happen if he gets on the plane. I have a lot more images I want to make from part two of the class but I'm going to go forward with the next part and save those images for later. Bird-on-plane-3-color.jpg

  • I just finished watching this class, and I have to say, it is the best I have watched on SVS so far (and every class I have watched was excellent!) I just want to thanks @Lee-White for creating it, I will certainly use these techniques for my new book project! And if someone hasn't watched it yet... JUST GO WATCH IT NOW!!! 😉

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