Lee White (Water color classes)

  • Was just wondering if your upcoming water color classes will cover how you handle getting the water color look digitally? Love to know more about your digital stuff along with the traditional.

  • Hi @evilrobot! I don't know if you have seen this but a while back @Lee-White posted a video of his process, it's a speeded up video of him painting a piece digitally, but watercolour style. It's not a tutorial or anything but gives an idea of how he creates his work.


  • @Dulcie Thanks so much no I hadn't seen this I'll check it out now;)

  • Glad to help! Actually the other video that might be useful, is Lee's SVS class called Chaos to Control: Custom Brushes in Photoshop...in it he shows how to make various brushes with nice texture, including to make backgrounds, shapes and brushstrokes..it gives a really good run down on how to tweak brush properties to make them work better, and then he also shows a few quick examples of how he uses his own digital brushes in his work.

    (I'm also interested in creating digital watercolour so these parts of SVS have stuck in my mind pretty well!)