Mushroom and Fairies

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    Finished this up tonight. Still trying to find a style that I can sell. I like where this one took me I think I'm getting closer to the look I'm going for.Mushroom-and-Farries.jpg

  • very nice, love the hair on the top fairy... the only thing I would add color wise is deeper darks and brighter highlights. Color transition in the sky is awesome, very nice. Texture is great. I might add something mid high with the background it is all very low. Great job.

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    @Russ-Van-Dine thanks, I did have the image darker at first but I've always had a problem of making my images too dark. And I also didn't want to lose that water color look. Now that I look at it this morning I can see that it needs some more contrast. Thanks for the feedback:) Also that tree is just bugging the crap out of me...I don't know if I just hate the style I drew it in or was really dark and drawing too much attention so I knocked it back...and I still don't like it. Anyone have any suggestions about the tree? I left the open space on one side for future text.

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    Changed the tree a bit and put some more shadow around the top characterMushroom's.jpg

  • This is great! Love your fairies! I can really see your work in a children's book.

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