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  • I am putting together a mailing list and would like a recommendation for who you guys use for Postcards. I only have about a dozen or so people I will be sending too but will continue to grow my list as time goes by.

    Thanks for any suggestions forthcoming.


  • I've been pretty happy with They have good quality for a relatively low cost, and they often offer sales that I usually wait for before ordering what I need. The downside is that it sometimes takes a long time for the postcards to get shipped, so I have to plan ahead if I need the postcards at a certain time and don't want to pay for overnight shipping. Years ago I used, and they were pretty inexpensive, but I feel like their quality didn't match Overnight. also has really nice looking products, but I haven't used them since they are a little pricier. What I like about them is their option of printing multiple images in one order (i.e. you can buy ten postcards with ten different images, or opt for ten of the same).

  • There are two printers that we go through. One is Gotprint ( min is 100) and they have top quality and the other is Zooprinting.

  • Thank you for the input and response.

  • Thanks for the great insight.

  • SVS OG

    I used Modern Postcard. I looked at several different companies and requested a sample pack from a few. Modern Postcard sent their sample pack far more quickly than any of the others, as in weeks ahead, so I was impressed because of that. I liked that I could upload my address list, they would check it for dud addresses, and send my postcards for me without me having to print address stickers and lick stamps--a service which I paid for of course, but it was nice. I had some questions with my order and they were good about communicating with me by email to get it all figured out. There are probably lots of good companies, but Modern Postcard did well by me.

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