In the woods

  • Hi everyone!!! I'm a new member of the SVS community! So I wanted to post a work that I've done after watching mainly the 10 steps digital drawing. It was an amazing class that helped me work my illustration. I would like to have some feedback on this work from you! Thanks a lot!!

    Les Insectes V03.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Wow! I like it.

  • @Odré Hi Odré! Really love this piece! I have a couple of suggestions, but I am not a professional, so you can discard them if you don't agree!

    1. I like the lighting, but I would suggest increasing the contrast of your focal point. I did some adjustment in photoshop, darkening everything else but the girl, I also played with warm/cool color contrast (warming up the little girl) and desaturated the colors in the background as well. I think the owl and rabbit were taking a little to much of the attention so I darkened them a little as well.


    1. I think the pink flowers (I am not sure they are flowers) are a great addition, however I would put some at other places in your image as well (e.g. some falling down the tree ?) I attended a composition workshop given by Nathan Fowkes this week-end (concept artist who worked on Rio and Puss&Boots) and he really emphasized the importance of "unity with variety". And one of the best way of creating unity is with repetition.

    2. In the same line of idea, I would add other animals maybe on the left side of the composition in the distance. However if you choose to try that, make sure they don't steal the focus!

    Like I said, this is already a great image, but I think these changes might help!


  • Hi NoWayMe!

    I really like what you did with the colors and the light! I think that it is truly a good idea to go with warm colors and play with the contrasts!
    For the flowers, I did not really know if I really liked the at the first place but your Idea to put more will maybe do it... I will probably try that too!!!

    Thanks a lot for all your suggestions! I will probably come back with some changes soon!

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