Actually following the course recommendations

  • SVS OG

    So, just wanted to say that I just finished the Creative Composition class in which I think I remember Will saying that it is so important to do thumbnails. There was also a very nice list of things to watch for and check for on your composition (before you finish it). Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on my Third Thursday drawing-in fact I pretty much finished it but.....I didn't so a thumbnail and I didn't follow the list. The results? I need to do it all over again so I can fix the composition! Being a traditional artist, that means starting from scratch again--and I really liked the colors-hope I can recreate it.

    Follow the recommendations of our teachers! I've always been one to learn things the hard way 🙂 Plus, I think I need to bite the bullet and learn photoshop, It would be helpful in fixing things up a little quicker without losing all my work. Just saying....

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