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  • Hello all, I'm Dado Almeida (@dadotronic) on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

    I registered in SVS past year, already made some classes (How To Draw Everything , Mastering Perspective and Illustrating Children's Books part 1 ) - all great courses so far. Had to stop because juggling a baby, freelance work and life it´s not a skill I mastered yet. 🙂

    After the hiatus I'm starting this Workbook again. I'll post the results of the classes I made + some personal (related) stuff to promote my work.** I do appreciate the Likes, but any Constructive Criticism is more than welcome.**

    And, of course, Please ask your questions and/or Let me know how can I help in your own project. Ok?

    To start things of a compilations of exercises from this sabbatical-saturday; all from How to Draw Robots and Machinery class.

    Later today I'll post something that I did after the Children´s Book class. Stay tuned. (-:

  • Nice! Not in a million years could I come up with all these mechanical parts 🙂

  • @Carrie: mind to ask you if you have the interested in draw such things? Because I don´t think it´s worth to suggest you the class if you don´t have the curiosity in draw this kind of stuff. If YES is the answer, go for it. In the class Jake made a very detailed breakdown of what to search in the references - most of these parts were referenced of photos - so it´s very possible to came up with good designs.

    But again. It´s all depends of the interested in the subject. Thanks for the compliment Carrie.

  • Here´s another project I would like to share here. It´s a Ipad book that I'm making with a Creative partner (Tito Petri | to help promote a bigger idea of him.

    I wrote and illustrate the book. He´s going to take care of the Interaction, Coding and Publish...the hard stuff. 🙂

    Concept of the Characters:

    The initial Layout (this part was made while watching the SVS class):

    An example of how much I detailed the second pass of drawing before Ink/Colors:

    And the latest preview. Illustrations are done and some pass on the Design/Page Arrangement is needed:
    it´s a 10MB, mp4 video

    That´s it. I keep you guys/gals update as the project finishes.

  • You've developed an awesome skill level. The Machines have come out really well (I can't spot anything to critique). I like how you chop off the character's arms for the side profile for those turnarounds.

    The only small critique I could see is that bird near the farmer's hat is creating a tangent and could do with a bit more space for a clear silhouette. 🙂

  • @NickA good catch Nick, it definitively a weird tangent happening there. If you had the chance to check the fliptrough preview, I fixed that in the final illustration.

    *Btw. I forgot to mention that those illustrations were "sliced" so the Programmer can move stuff around. *

    Thanks for the compliments Nick.

  • Here´s an update on this book. This time I offer some cover ideas to choose from:

    D was choosed (in the end, the book is about the Saci - the little creature so it has to have him as the main element), plus the composition would favor some iteration/animation.

    Next step. A tight drawing of it.

  • Your work is very good, your book project looks like a lot of fun too! For your book cover I'm liked D too. Excited to see more as this progresses. Thanks for sharing!

  • I personally like the dynamics of C the most, except it might be good to resize things so that the title is a bit bigger, the clouds don't tangent with the corners and there is a little more negative space for the farmer in the corner. Great work! 🙂

  • Maybe it could be tilted a little less than 45 degrees? D is my next favorite.

  • D is a good choice. 🙂

  • Looks great

  • Great work! I like choice "D" as well although I also like choice "F".

  • Thank you all for the look at the options.

    Here´s a proof-of-concept (while listening the new Lee White course):

    The Saci will pop from time to time and hide himself when the reader 'poke' on it.

    Let´s see how it goes.

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