October Critique Arena — Rough Sketch Serious Critiques Please!

  • Hi folks, I'm working on placing my character from last month's critique arena in a scene for this month's theme, "sprout". The keywords/themes:

    • Both an end and a beginning
    • Resolution

    Below is the thumbnail and rough sketch. Any feedback that I can incorporate into the next sketch would be greatly appreciated!


    P.S. Can you tell by looking at this illustration I live in the most locked-down city in the world!? 😛
    P.S. There's no reason that picture on the tree has value and nothing else does — I hope it's not too distracting

    Sprout Thumbnail.jpg

    Sprout — Rough Sketch 1.jpg

  • @Katherine This is really cool. I'm excited to this as a finished piece. Since the the prompt is sprout I would just make sure to add as much focus to the mushrooms as you can.

  • Thank you! I've added a little more sprouting 🙂

    Here's where I'm at so far:

    Sketch 1-Internet.jpg

    I think the bed might be unnecessarily tall and drawing a bit too much attention...

  • @Katherine you might be able to attract the eye where you want the focus to be with lighting. I kind of like the crazy tall bed frame

  • Thanks — I kinda like the crazy tall bed too. I finished the clean sketch and value study today and am ready to get inking! I think I I might need to buy some more ink though... eeep!

    Critique Arena Oct 2021— Clean Sketch—Internet.jpeg

    Critique Arena Oct 2021—Value Study—Internet.jpeg

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