October Contest Sprout First Sketch - Feedback appreciated!

  • Hi everyone,
    I've done a couple of early sketches of my attempt for the October Contest - I'm new to this (and not very experienced at drawing in general) so appreciate there's a long way to go to get to a professional image BUT if you've got any beginner-level feedback that'd be appreciated, especially re composition and concept!

    The idea is to focus on what's happening beneath a sprouting seed; including the animals in the soil, and the miniature world beneath our feet.

    I usually just go straight to doing a finished drawing in one sitting, so am trying to force myself to go through the process of initial sketches, and reflecting & improving on those. Any help on refining images from first doodles like this would be great to hear!

    This is what I was planning:

    • My intention is to cross hatch the whole thing, including the soil, which will look quite dark - my inspo is John Tenniel's illustration of the Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland.
    • I'm going to make the sky part 2/5 of the height so there's some white space for the eye to rest. I might also make the whole thing square to suit the template - is this sensible?
    • I think I will move the mole into the middle of the (currently) white space
    • I intend to add more action/interaction so that the animals are doing something rather than just being there! Eg things eating the roots
    • I was also going to colour the main sprouting shoot green to highlight that.

    Do you think this is an interesting enough concept? Is it too obvious?? I'm not showing part of a story - is that a key thing for SVS contests? I sort of want it to look like a plate in a Victorian book rather than a modern kids book illustration...
    Please let me know what you think of the idea/intention (as opposed to the drawing itself which is very sketchy!)

    Many thanks,


    Oct_sketch2.jpg Oct_sketch1.jpg

  • @emily-seccombe I think this is a fun idea!

  • @Frogpunzel Thank you!

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