Where's the bottom barrel jobs at?

  • I remember hearing in SVS that education freelance work (artwork made for school education materials)
    does not pay very much. It's the bottom of the barrell jobs.

    But I can't remember what course, if any, tells you how to get these kind of jobs.

    Does anyone know where it was? Or how you start hunting for these jobs?

  • @Frost-Drive Start by looking at educational publishing companies, even a simple Google search will yield a lot. I'd even suggest looking at teaching materials or textbooks to see who published them. You won't find any artist names listed most likely but it'll get you started.

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    @Frost-Drive Get a bad agent like mine and that’s all you’ll be working on lolz 😂😂😂 setiously tho, that’s all i’ve been getting recently 😭😭😭

  • @Frost-Drive I’ll also ask…do you want to work in that field? Based on your post it may not seem that way (I don’t know many who would cal something g they want to work in “the bottom of the barrel”)

  • @lpetiti said in Where's the bottom barrel jobs at?:

    …do you wan

    Bottom of the barrel is how it's been mentioned in svs courses. And I remember Lee saying the first couple years you can't be picky and just need to take every job you can get, even bottom of the barrel ones.

    And I'd be excited to draw for money anyday, whatever it is.

  • See if I was advising my high school students, here’s the advice I’d give: yes being paid for your work is an awesome feeling and you should never work for “experience”…I’d also say you will do better work if you specialize and try to focus on a field you like. For instance, I don’t care how much I’d get paid (and from what I’ve seen it’d be a lot), I will most likely NEVER illustrate erotic art. Yes it’s illustration, yes it’s freelance work and paid, but because of personal beliefs it’s something I’ll never do. On a somewhat similar note I have never felt to drawing illustrations for board books for kids.

    If I remember correctly based on what I’ve seen of you around the forum, you’re either in high school or just out of it, is that correct? So my advice (and others can weigh in on this), I would concentrate more on building your portfolio and doing work that excites you…that will point you in a better direction.

    I absolutely agree with Will, Jake, and Lee, there are going to be times where you take anything you can get, I just worry you might be jumping too far into that in such a short time? Again, if you want to go into educational work that’s one thing, but try exploring the other markets as well!

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