Coloring templates for kids

  • Hi everybody,
    today I want to tell you that I started to submit some coloring templates for kids in deviantart. When I was a kid, I loved to color, my dad went crazy to prepare the line work all the time. 😉 Unfortunately in the former GDR where I grew up, we could not easily by coloring books in the shops.
    So, I would highly appreciate if you would pass by to see if your kids like it or at least ask your kids what they would like to change. 🙂 I led the speech bubble empty, so might be that the kids want to come up with their own text ideas.
    You find the high Resolution in
    Storm - Szene 1 Panel 2 Ausmalvorlage SVS.jpg
    Storm - Szene 2 Panel 1 Ausmalvorlage SVS.jpg

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