Card deck Kickstarter live!

  • Hello all! I've been working up to launching a Kickstarter to fund a printing of a custom card deck for a while, and I've finally gotten myself together to do it. (Full disclosure, I've already met my base goal, but this has always been such a wonderful little community and I wanted to share. ☺)



    Each suit has a distinct visual theme and the face cards are fully illustrated! These are my faves:


    The full lineup of face card designs are on my website here!

    The Kickstarter runs through the end of July and I'm working toward adding jokers to the deck and unlocking an enamel pin design. Right now the printing has been upgraded to some really lovely heavy smooth stock and a two piece box. And of course,I'm taking the opportunity to revisit everything and smooth out some little clumsinesses that I missed in the initial run-up of getting everything done.

    You can find the full campaign details over here. Any sort of support or boosting would be greatly appreciated!

  • These are absolutely stunning! Well done, and congrats on the funded project. 😃 beautiful vector patterns like that would scare me so much, it's all come together fantastically.

  • Really beautiful art! I hope your campaign is hugely successful!

  • SVS OG

    @thousandwrecks very cool

  • Awesome.

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