Effective Vehicle Design - Assignment 1

  • Here are my sketches for Assignment 1 of Effective Vehicle Design class by Shane Hunt. It was fun to manipulate the look of the cars to give a different feeling/personality.

    Part 1: I sketched a squashed, stretched out, speeding and aggressive car, respectively.
    assignment 1, part 1.jpeg

    Part 2: This is the weak vs strong stance.

    The weak car is cowering down low, the headlights (eyes) are wide open and apart, the front bonnet and side mirrors are angled away and flattened. The tyres are narrow.
    The strong car has an upright stance, the bonnet and side mirrors are upright, the tyres are chunky, the front grill is big and heavy looking, and I added a roof-box, to show just how strong this car is.
    Assignment 1, part 2.jpeg

    Part 3: Angle
    I went for a 'from below' angle for the sea-plane and a 3/4 angle for the container ship.
    Assignment 1, part 3.jpeg

    Thanks for looking, any comments/suggestions welcome.

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