Looking for honest feedback on my work!

  • Hello, My name is Hunter Kent and I'm a tattooist and digital artist from Jonesboro, AR. I want to find my way in to the animation and illustration world at some point, but until I master those other required skills I've tried to create as much as possible with what I already have.

    So, with a small variety of my work I am hoping you all can give me some good healthy critiques to keep me on the right track. While I would love to apply my style to greater projects such as animations or books, I still love to create for the simple reward of having made a cool thing. With that being said, I'm looking for advice on what I can do with the things I'm currently capable of, to continue building a brand and also make steps towards those bigger projects that I desperately want to achieve and take on.

    Thanks everyone, for taking a moment to read and offer some feedback. I greatly appreciate it! Some of my artwork will be attached below, but you can also check out a lot more of my stuff @calicokent on Instagram.

    YellowPikminSTIKR.png IMG-2799.jpg wizardfinish.png IMG-2755.jpg DumpTouchUp.png gregster2.png GoFrog.png ectofinalwork.png Fairy.png IMG-0239.PNG unnamed (19).png

  • I like what's on your instagram account, especially the high-rendered graphite pieces. You're making good progress with digital painting and rendering. I'm not 100% sure, but no tattoo designs?

    You didn't state what career path you're interested in within the animation or illustration fields. Your pieces suggests character design. Have you done character sheets, turnarounds or explored facial expressions?

    If you're into storytelling, you could do a picture book. Start small with a one-page comic. Many people who do storyboards start their careers with publishing zines. It's good practice to dipict your character in different poses and environments.

    If you want to keep things simple, then focus on building a single IP. Continue to draw a loose set of characters that happen to live a a shared environment.

  • @willicreate Thanks for the awesome response! You most likely didn't see any tattoo work because I post those to a separate account. As much as I love the job, I really don't want to tattoo forever. So I've been trying to focus on my drawings and how I can begin creating bigger things with my style. I've noticed in my own work that I've sort of limited myself to these character designs. They're very fun to do, but rather old to me at this point so I've had time to recognize that that is where I am at, and where I want to be. As you mentioned, I think one-page comics and picture books are a great direction for me to go. That would allow me to bring in all the extra life, story, and environment that I feel I've been missing from my work. Again, really great advice. Thank you!

  • @CalicoKent I'm glad to hear of your desire for growth. SVSLearn Forums is the good place to develop narrative art. Hope to see more of your work here.

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