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  • So, this is where the magic happens 🙂 The community-part - putting my work and wip's out there for everyone to see. And hopefully enjoy, or be annoyed by, or be indifferent to - I really can't imagine how this will go. Btw, the title is a bit misleading. I don't often swear. At least not out loud. I am, after all, a parent and a role-model - but that's not to say that my inner dialogue isn't r-rated from time to time 😉 Art is the most rewarding and frustrating thing in my life, and with this kind of passion comes great joy and dispear. I'm sure you all know what I'm rambling on about 😃

    I thought I would start out with a pencil-sketch I made in my Moleskin right before Christmas. 12368978_10153163442347102_8411637167889969498_n.jpg

  • lol love the angry Santa, damn kids begging for toys! lol

  • @Bobby-Aquitania said:

    lol love the angry Santa, damn kids begging for toys! lol

    Haha, I know 😃 I started this for an online art-contest on Draw with Jazza - it was the "Epic Santa" contest. I very soon realized that trying to finish an elaborate art-piece right before Christmas was completely unrealistic, so I left it at the sketch-stage. I liked the look of him tho, and somehow he got me in the Christmas spirit 🙂

  • So - this is the piece I'm working on right now. It's also for Jazza's Contest of the month and the challenge was very spesific: Depict the romantic relationship between Deadpool and Harley Quinn. Being from different superhero universes it's a bit odd, I guess, but they're both awesome charachters! The worst of the best or the best of the worst - real anti-heroes. I don't want my piece to be too blunt, I'm trying to capture the romantic tension somehow. I would like a comic-book-look, but more smudged and "dirty" - they are both from dark places. So, this is as far as I've come, deadline is February 20th, so I can still work more on this 🙂

    ---> Edit - found Jake Parkers post about embedding images How to post images


    Some outlines

    Some details and started coloring

    This is my current image

    I think I'll tone down the shadows a bit, and give her a smudgy make-up of some sort. Going to work more on this tonight 🙂

  • And I've done some more sketching in my Moleskin. Needed a break from this image yesterday, and decided to work on simplifying gestures 🙂

  • I'm loving it Catherine, but Harley's left braid is bugging me, it's making her look hump backed for some reason, and the shoulder seems overly rounded. I prefer the way you have the braid in front, or maybe lower in front of her arm, with the shadow of the braid suggesting the shoulder under it.


  • SVS OG

    I think these are great! love your moleskin sketches too, your figures have a lot of life for being beans and sticks hehe! Keep up the amazing work and please keep sharing

    I see what Bobby is saying about the shoulder, but i think the muscle is just bunched too short if that makes sense. i like it better in than out, but it does need a little love 🙂

  • @Bobby-Aquitania Thank you for taking time to do a paint over - I did NOT see that! When I look at my construction /early sketch the shoulder is not that rounded at all, so this happened when I was doing the lines. This will definitely be fixed tonight 🙂

  • @Lynn-Larson Thank you for the encouraging words 🙂 The shoulder will get some love tonight - or sooner 🙂 We're celebrating both mother's day and valentines in Norway today, so I'll have to squeeze it in between cake and take-out dinner 😀

  • SVS OG

    @Camomilla I can't wait to see it 😃 mmmm...cake lol

  • So, a little love for the shoulder - I acted on Bobby's suggestion and let the left braid cover the shoulder. I also added some smeared make-up - I think it really accentuated her eyes. But now I think HE needs to pop more from the background. Or maybe not?

  • Some more Moleskin Bean&Stick-people. People moving/action-poses are challenging for me. I'm not happy with Bodybuilder-Bean's left leg and arm. Need to do more of these, I think 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Camomilla I love these bean/stick people - I honestly think they are amazing characters on their own. Just add in some faces and you are really into something here! So interesting and clever!

  • @Rich-Green Thank you, making them is a lot of fun 🙂 I'm facing some difficulties though, I keep trying to undo and zoom in :p Guess this means I should give traditional mediums more attention 😅

  • SVS OG

    Shoulder looks much better! i like the make-up as well! I think if you up the saturation on deadpool he will be fine 🙂 Awesome work!

  • Pro SVS OG

    @Camomilla said:


    The Bean&Stick-people are amazing!
    It's great to meet another Jazza fan! I've bought his set of photoshop brushes and they are just awesome. 🙂

  • I am amazed at how much life you have given to you ''stick" people. Wow!

  • Thank you @Lynn Larson, I like the shoulder much better now myself. Spent an hour or so going over Deadpool yesterday and will post an update tonight 🙂

    Thank you @mag 🙂 Draw with Jazza is a very good channel imo - he's both entertaining and a good teacher. I also watch Marydoodles - she does amazing watercolor and ink-paintings. Lately I've been binge-watching both Jake Parker and Will Terry as well, so my TV has gotten no attention from me in ages 😃

    Thank you @stacilyn - I came up with these when my husband drew a stick-figure on an envelope a couple of days ago. It was a regular stick figure, with straight limbs and a stick body, but the figure was smiling and holding a cigarette. I began to wonder how I would have depicted the same stick figure to give it some gesture and body-language. The next day it was clear to me that it needed a bean body and head to express rotation and orientation, and so it came to life 🙂 It's funny what little things can spark your creativity and how seemingly pointless stuff can be a great inspiration. It never seizes to amaze me.

  • By accident I seem to have duplicated my line-art layer, but I think this is one of those "happy accidents" that I think I'll keep. Somehow the whole image got more intense, and I think the lighter background and highlights on Deadpool make him stand out enough. I think. Bah, it's really hard to declare somethin "finished", but I think I'm nearly there. I'm afraid that if I keep going in and cleaning up lines and stuff, I'll ruin the dark/scruffy look I tried to create to begin with.


  • After a little touch-up in Photoshop

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