Basic Perspective Drawing

  • I wanted to post my final project from this class to maybe get some feedback on it. What does anyone think? Any comments are helpful! 🙂
    basic perspective final project.jpg

  • Great job making sure the vanishing points are out of frame! that really helps keep the perspective from getting too DrAmaTiC 😃

    The thing that stands out to me is the door, doors are weird when cracked open and I'm not totally sure how to plot it in perspective, but I think because the door is now closer to you than the frame that it will be larger and overlap the frame more like this:


    maybe use the line from the corner of the frame where the door was when closed to figure out how tall it should be?
    (not sure this is 100% correct):


  • @carlianne ok thanks a lot! i knew the door looked wrong, but i wasn't sure how to fix it. that was helpful!