June Prompt WIP - Character Design: Albert the Buffalo

  • Hi All,
    New to the SVS Forums and I just wanted to share my Albert Design.
    I have a Albert who is a white buffalo calf. I thought it would be a pretty cool visual to see a small buffalo on a farm, in the city, or in the suburbs. He'd stand out anywhere, especially wearing a beanie.
    White buffalo are rare and I believe they are a symbol of hope in Native American culture. Hope would definitely be a good theme in children's story.

    I unfortunately didn't make the deadline but I wanted to share my design and get some feedback from fellow artists.
    I would love to hear some constructive thoughts and I do plan on finishing this design to have it maybe for later use.

    Good luck to all who entered this month and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these great designs

    -BryanAlbert Character sheet.jpg

  • This is a fun idea! I do like the beanie.
    I'm wondering about the bubbles - did he escape a bath? 🙂

  • @emily-atwood-art yes Emily! Lol
    I thought it'd be funny to see a wet buffalo calf running around a house. 😄

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