Introducing myself: A break from Gamedev to focus on 2D art

  • Hello,

    My name is Geoffrey! I am a part-time data scientist and part-time gamedev.

    Drawing have always been part of my life although I had multiple long periods of time where I would not draw at all.
    In short, I never really had time to focus on drawing and, worse, with time, spending my day programming, I lost a lot of my creative drive.

    So, I decided to stop gamedev for a while to focus on training my drawing and painting skills; improving my art and claiming my creativity back!

    It has been 3 months now that I commit 3 days of my week to drawing, but I've learnt that to "learn drawing" is more complicated than just "drawing". So I looked for online schools with a curriculum or learning pathway, and here I am!

    Here is some of my recent work.
    CLIPStudioPaint_zLh2O0qndx.png CLIPStudioPaint_f7hvE89dqg.png CLIPStudioPaint_ZkH8Jut4QD.png CLIPStudioPaint_p9RZtxe0oA.png CLIPStudioPaint_4xRjAsGKHF.png

    Here are older pieces of work:

    I would like ideally to progress towards a style like Jake Parker, Kesh, Derek Laufman and Nicholas Kole for my professional pathway; although I am very excited about more realistic or academic styles too.

    So yep, that was me! If you have any feedback or comments, let me know ☺ !

  • Welcome! Based on your previous work it looks like you are well on your way to becoming a very good illustrator. Love your variety of character shape and gesture. Way ahead of me!

  • SVS Team

    Hey Geoffrey,
    Welcome to SVSLearn! I'm happy you decided to give it a try! I have had a similar experience, drawing on and off while having to work diffrent day jobs (mine have mainly been graphic design and teaching), and I have really enjoyed using the course here to help boost my skills. I really like the pieces you shared here and the ones on your Artstation page (I noticed the you like to do some 3D modeling too). What kind of work are you hopping to go after in the art industry? You might really enjoy trying to do a piece for this month's Critique Arena prompt (the prompt should be posted tomorrow).
    If you haven't checkout out the foundations curriculum, its a great place to start boosting your skills. If you have any questions or need any help with your SVSLearn membership please let me know!

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