June WIP - Albert

  • I'm going for a red panda for this one. I guess I'm not the only one @Janette 🙂 Luckily we're not going in the same direction.

    Arnold the Red Panda.jpg

    I have this idea for a set of scenes where Albert goes through the various poses, but I'm not sure if its too busy and gets away from the main thing of showing the character. You can see a rough sketch below. The idea is that the four painterly scenes are what the girl and Albert imagine while they are playing, but as their mother calls for dinner the central scene shows the real world (drawn in a different style to set the worlds apart).

    Do you think this is fits the prompt?

    I'm not totally happy with the overall composition though I like the idea. Does anyone have any suggestions to things which might improve it?

    Arnold the Furry Mammal.jpg

  • Good choice! 🙂

  • @Janette Also 'Lazy Git' Just noticed that. Cracked me up!

  • It feels a bit busy to me, with all the different scenes going on maybe if they weren’t full color just a couple neutral tones so the main character stands out? And softening the edges of each scene so they blend together a little more smooth? Can’t wait to see how it’s comes along!

  • I had some ideas to fix the composition, but I couldn't really make it work. So I dropped the concept and switched to something else which I think works much better. In this one Arnold plans and executes the Great Cookie Heist. This is the initial sketch but I expect to render it similarly to the one of Arnold above.

    Arnold 2.jpg

  • @Morten-Christiansen I like these sketches

  • I'm pleased with how this one is shaping up. Here is a work in progress as I render it out.

    Do you think it works with the ball in the bottom right pose or does it just look like he has grown super fat after eating all the cookies?


  • @Morten-Christiansen Oh, yeah, I thought his belly was big from eating all the cookies! I know how he feels. So, he's actually leaning over a ball?

  • Ha ha. I thought he was just fat too after having eaten all the cookies. I like your rendering and colours

  • @Janette Yep, he is resting on a ball. I only noticed the problem because my girlfriend mistook it for a huge belly. It hadn't crossed my mind before at all but I can see how you would make the mistake, especially since the ball does not really fit into the narrative. I will think on a solution. Maybe I can get the fat-belly idea to work 🙂

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