Albert Idea WIP

  • Hey I'm new to SVS and the forum. First, the talent on here is awesome! Someday I hope I can reach the skill level of the work I've seen on here 😁 I decided to jump right in and share as I learn. So here is an idea I was working on for the contest this month, meet Albert the beaver! IMG_20210610_174132 copy small.jpg

  • So after working and reworking some of the sketches of Albert I'm about done with the sketch pages on three of the positions for Albert! Yay! After I finish the other two I will move them to watercolor paper and start adding color 🙂 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    3849c39b-c035-4d75-a2aa-e6281af6db88-Albert Front resized.jpg
    d0612a32-5ff7-4b9d-b296-a8f60f1e727b-Alber face resized.jpg
    d7a23497-0264-45b8-a337-1f5d8b6030e9-Alber back resized.jpg

  • He is nice, I like his expressions 🙂 wonder what he is holding in the first image and what is worrying him in the close up? 🙂
    One thing that looks off to me is the right arm in the last pose, I think that maybe it starts too much towards the back…I’m not sure I’m explaining this clearly… from this angle, i feel that arm is a bit more occluded by Albert’s back

  • @Oana Thank you! That arm was giving me some trouble and I wasn't sure why. A new set of eyes looking at it is so helpful!

  • @Frogpunzel He's so cute and I love that he's chewing on the bat! Good choice (I'm doing beaver too 🙂 and I agree, the arms are tricky since beavers seem like a lump with big feet and hands. It's hard for me to draw the walking/running without much leg. Keep going, can't wait to see the rest!

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