May WIP - Ezio’s Situation

  • Here’s my ink/sketch for my middle grade fairy tale fantasy adventure character Ezio. He was just going out to get some food, turned a corner onto the main road and—


    This month is definitely an adventure for me. I’ve finally made the jump from CS6 to Creative Cloud, also jumping from Illustrator to Photoshop.

    Big learning curve.

    Mostly saying that because if you give me any great tips or insights, me not getting it in this month doesn’t mean I’m not listening. Just trying to sneak this in by the deadline while I learn.

    Thank you for any feedback, tips and insights. I truly appreciate it.

  • Calling it a night. Got in some (but not all) shading and a first pass at coloring. Tried tone first, but that’s apparently not my style so I’ll try that again later.

    As my wife and I always say when we cook for each other, “Hope it doesn’t suck.”


  • @Kevin-Treaccar Fun piece! I think what's tripping me up is that I'm unsure exactly what's going on here. Is Ezio running away or about to throw the bag? Is the robed figure conspiring with the orc/gremlin guy, or giving him a stern warning?

  • @ellenseal14 Thanks so much for the feedback. "What's going on here?" is a great question – one that has definitely slipped my mind since I started to evolve my original concept as I tried to figure out how to draw it.

    For the record, Ezio is turning the corner to discover a goblin enemy is right there. We're seeing the split-second Ezio will have to decide to fight, hide or flee. (I'm thinking I was too literal with the moment as I see a lot of people are showing the decision already made).

    The hooded figure is really probably more of an Easter egg since he's the actual big bad orchestrating the goblins, but even our hero doesn't know that yet. I'll need to dial him back in importance with tone if I don't straight up remove him and re-pose the goblin.

    The path turning out of the picture behind him was my attempt to show that after I moved him out of the shop he was originally exiting. I plan to do a little more with to show instant panic – mainly yellow alert lines jumping from his forehead.

  • More progress from tonight until I called it a night. Still contemplating adjustments for my “enemies” if there’s time.


  • I think I’m calling it. Family coming into town for the weekend tomorrow. If I have time, I’d like to work on another idea.

    Far from perfect, but it was fun and a growing experience. Going to just post it here right now in case I or anyone else sees something big I need to fix.


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