May action WIP

  • So I’m a bit miffed I discovered the prompt for this one so late. More than half the month’s gone, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this one. Shame because it looks so fun! I’m posting here to chronicle my progress and am open for any and all reply’s feedback you might have.

    I’m very happy I took Lee’s advice from one of the podcasts and really fleshed out my character. She is smart, but not cunning so would not talk herself out of a situation. She might know some martial art, but as a 14 year old sh’s no match for a trained soldier. She does however really like rock climbing, so she would probably try to find safety higher up.

    Made a few exploratory sketches, and I like the idea of her climbing a wall as the ‘others’ approach. And if I can pull it off I want the ‘danger’ to be seen as shadows only.

    Edit: Ok. Im trying to post the pictures, but it won’t work. I get an error about parsing server response. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong?

    ![0_1621444695642_902DE6DC-F0DE-4A0F-A79C-77D2F336E2E2.jpeg](Uploading 100%)
    ![1_1621444709863_644E86D9-E45F-4020-8F29-515261972B4A.jpeg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1621444709861_1CF335C9-240E-479E-99DD-E26A11B58DA2.jpeg](Uploading 100%)


  • @Niels What's the file size of the images?

  • @ajillustrates

    About 5MB total. I’ve uploaded pictures before on the forums, but somehow this time it won’t work.

    Nevermind. Got it to work. Didn’t do anything different so far as I can see..

  • @Niels That's probably it - I tried uploading an image yesterday, and it wouldn't go through unless it was under 2.5 MB.

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