Other art forms / social media question

  • Hey all,

    Question for those of you who also do photography work. Do you keep a seperate social media page for it? Do you sell prints, if so is it on etsy or your own site?

    I love drawing but I also love landscape photography and hiking and I would love to turn my hobby into something profitable in time. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated!

    Thank you for your input

  • @ambiirae I do wildlife photography as a hobby but it is on my personal account. I had a Business Planning Consultation with the Association of Illustrators a few years ago and was told it was important to keep your social accounts separate so not to confuse the viewer. She told me to scrap my instagram which was a mixture and start again with separate accounts.

    I would like to sell prints of my photos one day, but do not at the moment so I can't advise on that I'm afraid, but I think would sell them under a different name/brand than my illustration work.

  • @lizardillo thank you for that insight I currently have two accounts one personal and one for my art but I feel akward making a third for some reason

  • @ambiirae ah, yes. I see what you mean. Three accounts does seem quite a lot to manage.

  • @ambiirae I have three accounts - one personal, one illustration, and one sculpture. With three, you definitely need to be mindful about keeping up with all of them, because I have to admit that I forget about my sculpture account for chunks of time.

  • Would a social media schedule tool such as Later.com help manage multiple accounts? You would not have to be on them all the time then, perhaps set aside some time on one day a week to set it up and let it run in the background.

  • Also does anyone know of a good place to go for photography critiques? I don't think I'm quite ready but one day I will want some feed back on weather they are marketable or how I can improve. My family loves them but you know how that goes lol

  • @ambiirae https://fstoppers.com/groups/landscape-and-nature-photography

    The few forum posts I've read were civil. It is a big community, lots of great photography. Some good suggestions on post production, but I don't know if there are educators amongst the group. Have fun!

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