Creatures of the deep

  • Hey guys. Another MerMay piece for you. Today's promptnwas dragon. Instead of making a dragon/mermaid, I thought I'd do a "Oh sh** moment when the mermaid comes face to face with a Sea Dragon.


  • @ChrisConnor Really cool! I love the big vs small theme and the silhouette of the mermaid looks great. I love how the body texture looks, but it's almost like the "camera" is focused on that upper part of the body and the head itself isn't in focus, so I had to hunt around a little bit to really see the monster's face. Love the colors, too. Keep up the good work!

  • @miranda-hoover hey, thanks for your feedback. Yeah I see what you mean. I was aiming for a gradual blur out but maybe it wasn't enough.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Cool concept but I thought she was friends with him because it looks like her hand is resting on his lip. I also think there isn't enough contrast between her and the underside of his mouth so she's getting lost.

  • @ChrisConnor Nice! Love the concept. Per what Larue is saying, I think I'd move her up or down slightly to avoid that tangent with the hand/lip that's smack in the middle of the piece 🙂

    2 things I might consider playing with...

    1. I think the bubbles are throwing the scale off... it's not entirely clear what is making the bubbles of what they're coming off of. We have some foreground bubbles that are blurred and the same size as some of the background bubbles. I think you could really emphasize the scale by making it super clear the mermaid is giving off tiny bubbles and the dragon is expelling huge bubbles.

    2. This is an awesome piece to mess with the lighting to really pull the viewer into the focal point. This is super rough but I just played with some values to separate the value ranges to try and bring the focus right in the middle and keep the mermaid the highest contrast level on that rim lighting. Might not be at all where you want to go with it, so certainly take any advice with a grain of salt.


  • @Larue thanks for your feedback. Yes I see what you mean. I'm going to readjust 🙂

  • @jdubz thank you for this, really helpful 🙂