My current painting process

  • Hi, everyone.
    I remember earlier this year, I saw a couple of you doing traditional + digital mix media pieces here on the forum. I was very inspired, and wanting to try out for mat current book. Originally, I was planning to paint mostly traditionally, and only add details and enhance the color in Photoshop. But in the end, I realised that I need more practice painting on paper in order to pull that off. I ended up letting the digital painting part do the heavy lifting 🙂

    Here is my process images:
    s5 square-ink.jpg

    and the final art
    s5 square-color.jpg

    I am curious what are your traditional + digital mix media process looks like.
    If you are interested in the process in detail, I will write up a blog post before the summer (after I hand in the artwork for the book in June :-))

  • This is beautiful!

  • I love this! I am with you, I go back and forth between traditional (watercolor) and digital. I'm finding a pretty good balance lately between the two. I find if I go 100% digital I overwork the piece and start doubting myself but when I use watercolor I'm forced to solve the problems that come up and accept the imperfections, haha and sometimes those imperfections are the very best part! Here's one I made this week, it's a mix of watercolor and digital :).



  • @Tiffany-Thomas so cool. love seeing your process. You have a lot of control in your watercolour work. I love to practice more in panting with watercolour. I recently started to love imperfection. I found my own work too tight, and too controlled. It has been more than a year that I wanted to focus more on developing my art work with traditional media. I am taking a baby step now - really have to tell myself to dare to put down a mark on a blank piece of paper - the expansive watercolour paper. 🙂

  • @xin-li I totally understand, the better (and more expensive) the paper is the more intimidating it can be. I just allow myself to fail, for every piece I make right now I give myself a couple pieces of paper to figure it out (just in case). Usually I can get it on the first attempt but it helps to relieve some of the fear. When it takes me a couple tries I save the failed piece and sometimes I'll paint over them in acrylics or use them for testing color blends or ideas.

    I love all of your work so much, and I'm always excited to see what you're doing 😊

  • @xin-li I've been doing more digital/traditional combo of late. I do try and work digitally as much as possible but some effects are so much better achieved traditionally. At the end of the day, work as fast as you can, make art directors look good, and be agile. Depending on the situation, traditional can be much faster than digital. I like the sample you posted. It's exactly how I like to work.

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