Help! Updated portfolio. Http or https?

  • Hello all,
    I've recently updated my portfolio with a new landing page that houses everyhing that I hope is an improvement on what I currently was using.

    Also, Is it a good idea to get security certificate for my hosted website? https

  • Your hosting service should be handling that automatically for you

  • Truth be told, some people will be uncomfortable with the "Not secure" next to your URL, and may hesitate to sign up for your newsletter.

  • I agree with @RachelArmington -- seeing the "not secure" thing can be less than awesome.

    If I understand correctly, Google prefers HTTPS. So, if SEO matters to you, definitely do it. I don't know how all hosting services handle this, but all the different ones I have used offer it for free these days or even offer it automatically. I have had to actually set this up for websites I have done (it's my day-job), so it's not always automatic, but it is worth the effort IMO.

    Good luck! Your Jaz and Rabbot project looks very cool!

  • Godaddy is the only provider I'm aware of that forces you to pay for one, rather than allowing you to use something like Let's Encrypt for free.

    The only difference between a paid SSL and a free SSL from a provider like Let's Encrypt is the insurance for fraudulent purchases.

  • Definitely go with https for all the reasons described earlier. Depending on the type of hosting service and application frameworks you are using they may provide in built support for certificates or integrations with certificate providers. If you are technically comfortable running the tools for pulling a certificate (and renewing it), Lets Encrypt is a great free source for general web apps. You can also purchase a certificate through standard root authority providers, including ones that will validate more of your cert information, but you generally don't benefit from that for something like a portfolio site.

  • @Saffi Thanks! I've just installed! I appreciate the help!

  • @davido Awesome to know! I appreciate help!

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