Finished Figure Drawing Fundamentals!

  • This course brought me outside my comfort zone, so much so that I didn’t want to post anything. But I didn’t want to give up so I kept at it. I am pretty happy that I did. I can see the difference it made over time. My drawings are far from perfect but there is some definite leveling up. Here are a few of the poses I did, from assignments #5, #7 and #8. The last assignment instructions were to take 40-60 minutes a pose. For whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to get past 25 minutes, usually taking between 15-20 minutes. If I went longer I’d muddy it and mess it up. Maybe it is something to work up to. Thanks Michael Parker for this course.!13C18909-C030-4900-BA45-41965E1A188F.jpeg 4AEA2DBD-2441-45EF-B87B-D2EB4CF2B08F.jpeg B1782180-B6D3-4D2C-BB81-E6CEF2923BAF.jpeg 733EBB04-A5D2-42D0-B0A6-05B513811718.jpeg 3430A7EA-FF10-4938-9DE0-D1A52932331E.jpeg 70041CF5-DB09-4C41-8039-1508EA156B2D.jpeg 49AAE828-6D63-4700-AEFF-A6FC1595B7F7.jpeg 2189000F-5B06-4D32-A919-BDBE61E83DC3.jpeg 30309BE5-4CBC-4224-BB47-FDC997F98F5E.jpeg 0B8718FE-64F6-4FD9-AEC8-7F1DD17DEA4D.jpeg

  • Good job! There is definite progress that's been made and it's great you went through to the end of the course 🙂

    Figure drawing isn't easy. I'm actually working through a different course on drawing human anatomy right now. It's crazy just how much there is to learn about drawing the human figure. Taking it one step at a time is key!

  • I finished this course a month or so ago. It is a challenge! You did great. It's funny how hard it can be to try something new when we know initially it will be super challenging but it's only by putting in that time that we see improvement. So, great work! Congrats!

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