Raccoon Fishing WIP

  • My girlfriend loves raccoons, and as a combo Mother's Day present/portfolio piece, I've decided to do a graphite pencil drawing of a little girl raccoon fishing. Since my plan is to draw this in my downtime at work over the next two weeks, I felt it would be fun and help me stay on task to document my progress here.

    raccon fishing_rough sketch.jpg

    Here's the rough sketch/thumbnail from this morning's "waiting for a meeting to actually start" warmup time.

  • Looking good @ajillustrates! You thinking of showing off the awesome raccoon tail?

  • @Jeremy-Ross Thanks! Definitely want the tail in there. Based on my scribbles, it looks like the tip of it is next to her hip, but I think I want to feature it more. Perhaps over her lap, or I can move the fish bucket so you can see it hanging off the raft.

  • Update! The last week was much busier than I expected (plus I think I'm being overly cautious because this is the first time I'm finishing a piece in graphite in forever), but I finally got some time this morning to focus. I've finished lightly sketching in the the main forms/details over an even lighter sketch of the underlying structure. I've been using a dulled HB pencil to keep myself from going too dark and definitive too early. Next step will be going over this darker and sharper to get the line work down.


  • Taking my time and enjoying filling in the linework and detail, which will give me the opportunity to figure out what racoon back legs look like before I get to them 😉


  • @ajillustrates this is so cute! Love details can’t wait to see the finished image!

  • @Asyas_illos Thank you! I’m aiming to finish it tomorrow (fingers crossed).

  • Linework and details are done. Now I just need to lay in the shadows, the water, 6b pencil to reinforce the dark ends, and a little white pencil for highlights.


  • Done! This was really fun to make. If I were to make this into a print, I think I'd go in with a digital pencil and get some more of the darker lines in there. But for a purely hand-drawn piece, I'm really happy with it.


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