New Portfolio Piece - Gnome Home

  • I saw the April prompt was a Fairy Tale Inn which reminded me of a current piece I'm currently working on entitled gnome home. I'm trying to combine Ghibli + Kinkade. About 10 hours into the piece up to this point, shooting for that 20 mark. Maybe 30-40 depending on how much rendering I choose to do. Going to keep the progress here.

    Original sketch in Sketchbook on iPad.

    99CFC227-0EC5-42A0-B86E-BB86E086832F 4.jpg

    Second sketch

    Composition cleaning, line art pass

    Line art + quick value pass

    First couple hours

    About 10 hours in (working on the outskirts mostly)

    16-18 hrs.

  • @tripplejaz if within 10 hours ,you are at this stage, I am so eager to see what will you do on 30-40 🙂 keep it up,it looks beautiful!

  • Beautiful! Love the shapes you used in the building. 🙂

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